Lightning-Load Lifter for Stoeger-(Includes modified trigger housing)


NOW AVAILABLE FOR ORDER! The highly anticipated autoloading lifter is here! Cumbersome multi-step loading/ charging methods from bolt-lock are a thing of the past. Simply thumb a single, duo, or quad load into the loading port when your shotgun runs dry, and the mechanism will automatically feed a round from the magazine tube onto the lifter and chamber it! New parts are CNC Machined from carbon steel bar stock right here in the USA. Our Lifter system comes with a lifter, Actuator, spring, and modified trigger housing. Simply transfer your other trigger group components from your old trigger housing to the modified unit using the Youtube video link in the instructions, or send it in for FREE assembly (you only pay for shipping) when you buy the kit. New upgraded trigger housing includes undercut for easy duo and quadloads, and is drilled and tapped for an included trigger overtravel screw (see photos). LightningLoad lifters are Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated for extreme wear resistance and an attractive gold color.

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NOTE- Only limited quantities of the modified trigger housings are available, and when they are gone, it might be a while before Stoeger gets more from Turkey. We bought every one they currently have in the US. When they sell out, we can modify your trigger housing if you send it in to us in a USPS Priority mail small flat-rate box. Currently, please allow 2-3 weeks for the work. The added benefit of sending your trigger group in is that we will re-assemble it and test-fire in one of our receivers at no charge!