The short answer is maybe. There are 2 different followers available from the factory. Originally all M3Ks shipped with an orange plastic follower. THESE DO NOT FUNCTION with a magazine extension tube! The plastic has a sharp corner with a small lip on it that will get caught where the extension meets the factory tube. Since they were made aware of this, they have started using the original black anodized aluminum followers that came with the M3000. These work more often than not, but they are shorter than our improved low-drag follower and have more surface area so they are more prone to malfunction if the tube is dirty. We recommend using our low drag follower for any high volume shooting situation, but the black factory follower may give good service as long as the tube is clean and dry.

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No it does not. We use a Brite-dip Anodizing process that gives a glossy royal blue color. The blue color on the M3K factory parts varies quite a bit from gun to gun, and often even on the same gun. We have seen colors from almost baby blue to greenish blue, and always in a matte, non-glossy finish. Since the factory colors vary so much, we did not attempt to match. We send a color sample to our anodizer with every lot of parts, so lot-to-lot variations are kept to a minimum.

The occasionally reported extraction issues in the Stoegers are typically caused by poor quality ammo, or by burrs in the extractor slot from the manufacturing process. If you remove the factory extractor and deburr the slot before the extractor is badly scratched the a replacement is not necessary. If the extractor is badly scratched on the sides before the problem becomes apparent, then the extractor will need to be polished smooth before re-installing, or replaced. If you put a Benelli extractor in the gun WITHOUT removing the burrs, it will work for a while until the replacement is damaged, and then the problem will return.

We appreciate your business. If one of our products is defective in material or workmanship, we will refund your money or replace the part. If you order a part and change your mind or decide it’s not quite what you wanted, you may return it to us and you will be credited the purchase price of the part (not the shipping), provided that it is in new condition with original packaging. If you cancel your order prior to processing, we will refund your money. Please be aware that we often process orders quickly and ship in less than 24 hours so reaching us by phone as speedily as possible is best. If you have any questions, please use our contact form or call us at (541)474-6838.