We specialize in high precision machining of steel and aluminum alloys, as well as plastic and polymer parts. Whether you need a single high-value part machined to exacting tolerances or hundreds of parts per month, we can accommodate your needs.

One of our strong suits is our focus on continual process improvement. Every time we do a production run, we look for new ways to improve our processes. It is not uncommon for our price to drop on subsequent runs as we pass these savings on to you. All of our employees are dedicated to providing the best possible value to our customers.

Additionally, we are the only shop in Southern Oregon to provide True Mil-Spec Manganese Phosphate coating (Parkerizing) for steel parts. We also have a network of suppliers for Anodizing, Laser engraving, Salt-bath Nitriding, Black oxide and other surface finishes, providing value-added one stop shopping for finished parts.


Production Machinery

Hardinge T-42 Conquest Lathe

  • 2 inch thru-spindle barfeed capacity
  • Live tooling
  • 12 tool turret
  • Fanuc control

Hardinge CHNC Lathe

  • 1-5/8 thru-spindle barfeed capacity
  • 8 tool turret
  • Fanuc control

Emco Maier Emcoturn 320 Lathe

  • 1 inch thru-spindle capacity
  • 8 tool turret
  • Fanuc control

Omniturn CNC Lathe

  • 1 inch thru-spindle barfeed capacity

Tree-Kira Vertical Machining Center

  • 20 tool changer
  • CT-40 spindle
  • Fanuc control

Matsuura M500V Vertical Machining Center

  • 20 tool changer
  • BT35 spindle
  • Yasnac control

Epilog Fibermark 30w CNC Laser Engraver

  • Programmable rotary head

Manual Machinery

Bridgeport Series II Mill

  • Tru-Trace 3 axis tracer head
  • Newall 3-axis DRO .0002 res.
  • Hydraulic 3-axis powerfeed

Jet Engine Lathe

  • 13×40 inch capacity
  • 1-1/2 thru spindle capacity
  • coolant fed

Acra-Turn LS-330 Engine Lathe

  • 13×40 inch capacity
  • 1-5/8 thru spindle capacity
  • coolant fed
  • collet closer

Hardinge HC Super Precision Turret Lathe

  • 8 station turret
  • 1-1/8 capacity 5c collet spindle
  • .00005 capable

Jet Horizontal Bandsaw

  • 7×12 inch rectangular capacity
  • 8 inch round capacity

Boyar-Schultz Surface Grinder

  • Electro-Magnetic Chuck

Support Equipment

Complete selection of metrology equipment for quality assurance

J & L Optical Comparator

Pedestal grinding/ deburring wheels

Drill Press

Arbor Press

Hydraulic 20 ton H press

MIG ang TIG welders for steel and alum

Sand/ bead blasting cabinets

Automatic TRINCO tumble-blaster

Additionally, all employees own extensive personal tool selections appropriate for their expected job duties